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mother, father, sister, brother, friend, juice Lion, kite, lemon, jam 2.能在一定的情景中运用本课的新单词.压缩包内容: 英语三年级上广东版开心英语《Unit 5 Who's she》课件.ppt ...

2gether 4ever S .H .E Yes. This is my favorite Singing group. Do you know their name? Let's have a look now! made by Lw2 se lina She name is selina(任家萱),a beatiful girl I think. OK! Every girls are very beautiful! She has a Sweet voice,I like it very much... Unfortunately ,On October 22nd, in 2010,Selina and the mainland actor Yu Haoming had an accident during the filming of a blasting shot, causing different degrees of burns to them both.π_π Selina is very strong.On March 27, 2012,She officially announced a comeback.Selina is returning to the stage again! Burn accident led to her cleansing, she dropped its impeccable image of the stage! I like the girl like this. pictures~~~~~ he be My goddess~~~~~~~~~ She name is hebe(田馥甄).Hebe was born in 1983 in T aiwan County of Hsinchu Province.Hebe has loved singing since very young. let'us see some pictures! Hebe Tian was recommended to join by the workers of the television show 'Cruel Stage'.During the first round, her voice started breaking while singing 'Return Home'. Hebe decided to sing a song with a lower key in the final round. hebe However, because she was unfamiliar with that song, which happens to be Singaporean singer Kit Chan's "Loving You"

or "Xi Huan Ni"

(喜欢你), she forgot about ten seconds worth of lyrics in the finals, messing up her performance. Nonetheless, the manager appreciated her straight personality and powerful vocals. Therefore, she became part of S.H.E and she, along with Selina and Ella , were signed under the Taiwanese record label HIM International Music. Throughout S.H.E's five years on the entertainment scene, Hebe has always been unpredictable, but it is this quality that endears her to S.H.E's fans. Hebe has also grown into a beautiful and mature, as well as a confident singer. She is able to sing &

dance at the same time like her band mates. messing [mes??] v.弄脏,弄乱( mess的现在分词 ) nonetheless [n?n???les] adv.虽然如此,但是 mature [m?'t???(r)]adj.成熟的;考虑周到的 v.成熟;长成 Ella What's the girl name? DON'T TELL ME you think she is a man?!!!!! Come on,don't you think it's a beauty of different? Sometimes,I think ,this is good also(I think hebe is more beautiful~~put you hands!). She name is Ella( 陈嘉桦),A girl who represents the "courage". My dear classmaters,no,my female companions don't changed into womenman!But,it's good like this! Ella Ella finished high school but did not attend university due to her love and passion for singing. On August 8, 2000, HIM International Music held a 'Universal 2000 Talent and Beauty Girl Contest'

in search of new artists to sign under their label. register ['red??st?(r)]v.登记;记录;注册;挂号 When she travelled with her brother to Taipei for a holiday, Ella Chen discovered that her older sister registered her for a singing competition. Intimidated by the long line of contestants and worried of facing ridicule for her tomboy personality假小子性格, Chen almost gave up before the first round. Her older sister, however, convinced her to stay. Chen's deep voice caught the label's attention, and helped propel her through to the final round. Her voice, although in the alto range, is noted for its strong and beautiful nature. My first time know the group When I was very young I think nothing. BUT one day I heard a song~~~~ DO YOU KNOW what is the most popular songs in the group? OK...I think everyone must can sing it,isn't it ? ( 这就是神曲的威力!) Time goes by 。In 2000 to 2010 ten years, one of the most popular idol group is S.H.E! They are still a group that keep the kind of hard to later generations beyond posture (保持的那种难以后人 超越的姿态) generation {d?en??re ??n} n. 一 代人;代(约30年),时代;生殖;产生 the group S.H.E is China Taiwan woman of pop singers ,and On September 11, 2001 official debut. The company put the three totally different girls together.All three of them came from different places.So the company let them stay in the same dormitory,and hoped that by this they could learn to cooperate with each other. After a week, the three girls were closer to each other . A few months later, they released the first album called"girl's dormitory." the group Actually, Selina Ren was winner of this contest. She usually sings mezzo-soprano in S.H.E's music and to a lesser extent, soprano. H eb e T ie n mes si n g u p h er performance in the finals because she forgot her lyrics. However, the manager appreciated her straight personality.She normally sings soprano while peforming。

Ella had a unique deep voice, which caught the compan y's attention.She presents alto at music.And she is an avid basketball player, and usually plays basketball with other Taiwanese celebrities such as Jay Chou and her other friends. I think I admire them all.I appreciated their friendship.They support each other,stubbornly persists. Among them, I particularly like hebe。 I like her voice,, her character, her style. Now, Hebe has released two albums alone.The style very different from before, refreshing,more and more let people crazy about her. 2gether 4ever I hope that this combination is more and more outstanding Thank you ↖(^ω^)↗

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she is very kind ppt,she,英语介绍PPT,,S.H.E,英文,who is she 少儿ppt,she的ppt》出自:勤学考试网


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she is very kind ppt,she,英语介绍PPT,,S.H.E,英文,who is she 少儿ppt,she的ppt