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WELCOME 总经理致辞 It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our team at The Fragrance River Hotel. Our mission is to create a promising and conducive environment for the growth and development of our employees. We trust that you will benefit and strive to provide service excellence, to effectively position The Fragrance River Hotel nationally and internationally. On behalf of all the management and staff at the Fragrance River Hotel, we are proud to have you on-board and wish you a successful career with us. 欢迎大家加入”香溪源”酒店,成为我们团队中的一员. 香溪源将会给员工创造一个充满前景的、互帮互助的工作环境, 帮助员工实现自身的成长 和发展. 相信您在这样的氛围中一定能为顾客提供最出色的服务,能有效定位酒店在国内 外的地位, 也一定能够从中受益。


总经理:Mike Putter MIKE PUTTER GENERAL MANAGER Prologue 序言 We are happy to welcome you as an Employee to the Fragrance River Hotel. You now are part of a company that is renowned for its leadership in the Leisure Industry. 很高兴您能成为香溪源酒店的一员。现在您已经成为这个在服务行业以领导力著称的企业的一部分。 The Fragrance River Hotel is a dynamic Hotel with much to offer. The Manual will help you to meet the challenges that await you and familiarize you with the rules and regulations governing your employment with The Fragrance River Hotel. 香溪源是一个充满活力的酒店, 能够提供给大家的也非常多。

这本手册将会在您就职期间帮助你有效迎接 挑战, 让您熟悉酒店的规章制度。

It is to your benefit that you become familiar with the contents of this Handbook as it will assist you in settling into your surroundings and allow you to improve your work performance. 熟悉手册里的内容可以帮助您尽快熟悉环境,提升您的工作表现。

Should any part of this handbook be unclear to you, please feel free to consult your Head of Department without delay who will be happy to assist you. 如果您对手册的内容有任何不清楚地地方,请即时向您的部门负责人咨询,他会很乐意帮助您。 Introduction 介绍 You are about to work in an environment, in which all employees are well trained, motivated and take pride in working for the company. Our objective is to deliver World Class Service to our guests that exceed expectations. Let us offer them the highest standards of service and value for money, which in return will bring return revenue in the future. 您将会在一个所有员工都训练有素,有上进心且拥有集体荣誉感的企业工作。


为顾客提供高标准的服务,让顾客觉得物有所值,在不久的将来,他们定将成为我们的回头客。 2 We aim to create a unique, exiting and unequalled experience to our guests and provide the best quality service and products available. You will encounter colleagues who are friendly, caring enthusiastic and provide efficient and speedy service. To create the perfect working environment and guest service, it is necessary to understand and anticipate individual needs, display integrity, fairness and honesty. This all takes place in an environment which is safe, clean, hygienic, comfortable and well maintained. 我们决心为顾客提供一次独特的、 充满刺激的、 无与伦比的体验。


在这里, 您将会遇到这样一群同事,他们待人友善,关爱他人,充满热情与活力,能为顾客提供快速且高效的服务。

想要拥有完美的工作环境和宾客服务能力, 了解且预见顾客的需求是非常必要的, 与此同时也需要做到正直、 公正和诚实。这些能力您都可以在香溪源这个一直保持着安全、干净舒适的环境中获得。 We have selected you to work with us because we believe that you are a Team Player and that you have the ability to meet the high standards set out by The Fragrance River Hotel. We wish to build a long and lasting relationship and make it the best and strongest one possible both for now and in the future. You have the unique opportunity to work at The Fragrance River Hotel. May it be one of the many highlights in both your life and your career and we trust that this guide will be of great help to you! 选择您是因为我们相信您是一位团队合作者,并且符合香溪源酒店的高标准。

我们希望与您建立长久的关系,不论是现在还是将来,都能将这段关系发展下去。 Engagement Procedures 聘任程序 Letter of appointment. 聘任书 You will have received and signed your letter of appointment upon your engagement. This letter will state your salary, position and conditions of employment. This letter serves as a contract between you and The Fragrance River Hotel and is to be kept in a safe place. 一旦被录用,员工将会收到一份聘任书,需要在其上签字。该聘任书将会对您在任职期间的工资、职位和享 受的条件进行说明。聘任书是作为员工和香溪源酒店之间的合同而签署的,且会被存放在安全的地方。 Remuneration. 薪资 Salaries are paid monthly in arrears on or around the last day of each month. You are therefore required to open a bank account or provide your manager with your bank details. Remuneration received will be subjected to certain Statutory and company deductions. 3 It is Company policy not to lend money to members of staff. 工资按月支付,支付时间为每月月底。



不提供给员工借款是公司的政策。 Induction. 入职 Prior to starting work all employees have to attend a induction course which will cover all aspects of this handbook. It is compulsory for all new employees to attend the Company Induction Program. 在正式开展工作之前,公司的每位新员工都需要参加入职培训课程,该课程将会包含此手册的所有内容。参 加入职培训课程是每一位新员工的义务。 Probation Period. 试用期 With the exception of specified positions, you are on probation for the first three months of employment with the company. During this time the period of notice is 24 hours 除某些特殊职位外,每个职位把前三个月作为试用期。在此期间,如有变动,需提前两天告知。 Training and Education. 培训与学习 After your induction, you will be called upon from time to time to attend training courses related to your work, health, safety, ect. This serves not only to improve your job skills, but keeps you up to date with the new aspects of your working environment. 入职之后,员工需要时不时地参加跟自身工作、健康、安全等方面有关的培训课程。这些课程不仅可以提升 员工的职业技能,还会让员工实时了解工作环境中出现的新方面。 Hours of work 工作时间 The hours of work shall be a maximum of forty eight 4 (48) hours a week and/or 4 days off a month. Where more favorable conditions to the employee, or other variations, are in place at departmental level, the average hours worked per week shall not exceed forty eight hours it shall be dealt with. 每周工作时间不超过 48 小时,或者是每月休息 4 天。

员工所享有的有利条件或变动都以各部门自身情况而定。每周的平均工作时间不超过 48 小时,如果确实有 超过的情况发生,应当进行相应的处理。

(48) hours. Where it does exceed forty eight (48) Shifts 轮班制 Because of the nature of the business you may required to work shifts. Should you be requested to do shift work there will be no additional payment. 因为此项工作的工作性质,您可能需要进行轮班制工作。轮班制工作是不额外支付工资的。 Days off: 休假 You are entitled to 4 days off per calendar month. Your Head of Department allocate days off by means of weekly or monthly duty roster. Any change you wish to make in your days off must first be approved by your Head of Department. No more than three days can be carried forward to the following month. These days must be authorized by Management. 您每月享有 4 天的休息时间。您的部门主管会根据每周或每月的值班表进行排休。如果您想调休,需征得部 门主管同意。本月未休完时间可顺延到下月,但不得超过 3 天,休息时间顺延需先得到管理部门批准。 - Days off owed in lieu of public holidays worked will be treated as days 员工可用节假日工作的时间来替代欠下的休息时间。 Annual Leave:年假 Unless otherwise stated in your letter of appointment, the following applies: 18 working days per annum for the first two years of employment 24 working days thereafter. Should the period of leave include Industrial Holidays, your leave may be extended by the number of public holidays during that period. Leave not taken maybe forfeited. The maximum leave outstanding at any one time is 36 days. 如聘任书内无特殊说明,以以下情况为准: 5 在员工工作的头 2 年,每年享有 18 个工作日的年假;超过 2 年之后,每年享有 24 个工作日的年假。如果年 假期间包含公休时间,那就根据公休时间的长短对年假时间进行相应的延长。年假需在规定时间内休完,否 则过期作废。年假一次最多只能休 36 天。 It is contrary to Company Policy to make payment in lieu of leave. 用薪水取代休假是违反公司规定的。 Only at the discretion of the General Manager, in writing and pre- approved, may leave be taken within an agreed period of time either side due date. 只有在总经理以书面形式提前批准的情况下,员工才可在规定时间范围内休假。 Public Holidays:国家法定节假日 Non – management 非管理人员 Double time if worked 法定节假日工作算双倍工作时间 Day in lieu if scheduled off 法定节假日与预定休息时间重合需调休 Management 管理人员 都安排调休 Day in lieu if worked or if scheduled off 法定节假日上班或与预定休息时间重合 The company encourages and requests administrative staff to take public Holidays off. 公司鼓励并且要求管理人员在法定节假日休息。 Absenteeism: 旷工 If you are unable to report for any reason, it is your responsibility to get word to your Head of Department of his/ her assistant on your first day of absence, before the start of your scheduled shift. Advise him or her of your reason for your absence, otherwise you will be marked absent and loose a day’s pay for each day away from work. You could also face disciplinary action should you not comply herewith. Any sick leave should be accompanied by an original sick note stamped and signed by Dr. 如果员工不能说明任何事由, 员工有责任在既定班表上班时间之前, 在缺勤第一天转告给部门负责人的助理。

向助理说明缺勤原因,否则员工将会被记为旷工并被扣除跟缺勤天数相应的薪水。员工可能因不遵守公司规 定而受到纪律处分。请病假则需附上由医生开具且签字的医生证明的原件。 Job Flexibility 6 工作弹性 You may be required to perform other duties in terms of the Job Flexibility Agreement, in the same and/or similar function within the Hotel. The above job flexibility agreement shall operate on both horizontal and/ or upward vertical basis. Where applicable the following principles will be adhered to: -Training and Development -Promotional opportunity 根据工作弹性协议,员工可能需要兼任酒店内与其相同或相似职能部门的工作。


-培训与发展机会 -升职机会 Uniform &

Grooming 制服与仪容仪表 Uniform 制服 A Corporate uniform is supplied to all employees who are in direct contact with guests, as well as employees in back of house areas who qualify for uniform due to health and safety reasons. 公司给需要直接接触客户的员工提供制服。出于对员工健康和安全的考虑,公司也会给后勤部的员工提供相 应的制服。 Employees issued with a uniform must wear the full uniform whilst on duty. Employees who work in departments where wearing a uniform is not compulsory, should at all times dress in such manner that reflects a professional image. Uniforms may not be mixed or worn with civilian clothing, and accessories and must match and compliment the uniform. The Company will be responsible for the cleaning of the provided uniform (when the laundry is completed), unless the employee chooses to take it home for cleaning. 有制服的员工须在工作时间穿着全套制服。对于非必需穿着制服的部门员工,其穿着需时刻体现出其专业形 象。 7 制服不可与个人衣物混穿,配饰也必须能跟制服搭配。

公司可负责制服的清洗(在酒店物品清洗完毕之后),员工也可选择带回家自行清洗。 Grooming 仪容仪表 Because of the nature of our business, all employees must adhere to the grooming standard. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? No jewelry, except wedding bands and watches and items that are worn for medical reasons, necklaces provided they are not visible. Men’s hair not below the collar, women’s hair neat at all times. All employees to wear name badge on the left hand shirt/blouse pocket or equivalent position. All food handlers no nail varnish on nails and no jewelry. 不可佩戴珠宝,可佩戴婚戒、手表和因医疗原因所需的物品,项链在不外露的情况下可佩戴。



所有接触食物的员工不可涂抹指甲油或佩带珠宝。 因此项工作的性质,所有员工的仪容仪表都必须符合标准。 Timekeeping 关于准时工作 You are required to work as rostered. All employees must be at their place of work, in uniform, ready to work 15 minutes prior to your shift. Should you not be able to make it for work in time, please advise your immediate superior prior to commencement of your shift. 员工需依照执勤表的班时工作。

所有员工需穿着好制服并提前 15 分钟到达工作地点。

如果员工未能准时到岗,请在上班时间之前告知自己的直接上司。 Cash Discrepancies 8 财务差异 In the event of cash discrepancies the employee could: ? ? ? ? ? ? Face appropriate disciplinary action, And/or be required to refund the money by means of Salary Deduction Form. Should you be found guilty of theft immediate dismissal and possible prison sentence. 面临相关的纪律处分。


一旦发现员工有盗窃行为,会即刻被开除并可能受到法律制裁。 如出现财务差异的情况,员工可能: Confidentiality 关于商业机密 Any information of a confidential nature acquired by you during the course of your employment with the company shall not be disclosed by you during your employment or after termination of such employment. Confidential Information shall be deemed to include but shall not be limited to: 员工不论在任职期间或离职之后,都不得将在任职期内所获取的机密信息泄漏出去。商业机密包含但不仅限 于以下几点:

? ? ? ? ? ? The company’s trade secrets, products, new developments, business methods and techniques;

All discoveries, inventions devices, improvements, machines and processes;

The identity of the company’s clients / customers. 公司的交易秘密、产品、最新发展动向以及营业方法和技巧; 属于公司的所有发现发明、设备、改善方法、机器和操作程序; 公司客户信息。 No staff member is permitted to make any statement to the press / media /public unless authorized to do so by the nature of his or her job. 任何员工都不得向媒体或大众做任何陈述,除非因为其工作性质被授权去做。 9 Any knowledge/ material /information pertinent to the Company may only be used with the express permission of the Company. 只有得到公司的许可,跟公司相关的知识、材料和信息才能被使用。 COPYRIGHT 版权 Any products/systems/procedures etc. invented or developed by you during the course of your employment with the company, remain the property of the Company. 员工在任职期间所发明或发展的产品、系统、流程等将被视为公司所有。 Obligations 职责 During your employment, in terms of this contract you shall dedicate your entire working time to your duties and shall do all in your power to promote, develop and extend the business of the Company, and shall not undertake any employment of any kind or nature for any other persons or Companies, whether within or outside your normal working hours or during holidays or whilst on leave, and shall not engage in any other business, unless specific permission is obtained prior to commencement from the General Manager. 在合同执行期间,员工应当把所有时间用在完成职责上;应当尽全力来促进、发展以及扩大公司的业务;不 论是在正常工作时间内外或在休假期间,员工都不得兼任于其它任何个人或公司;不得从事其他任何业务, 除非事先得到总经理的特殊批准。 Injuries on duty 工伤 Injuries on duty are covered by Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act for all employees. Any injuries incurred on duty must be reported immediately to your Head of Department who will complete the relevant details on the Employers Report Form, for submission. Meals 餐食 10 A meal on duty will be afforded to all employees and must be taken in the designated Staff area, and may not exceed the allocated meal break time. The meal break will be determined by the departmental roster and based on operational requirements. No take out meals will be supplied. 公司为所有员工提供工作餐。所有员工在规定的员工区域进餐,用餐时间不能超过规定时间。

根据各部门的执勤表和工作需求的不同,用餐时段也各不相同。公司禁止外出就餐。 Lost and found property 物品遗失及寻获 Any lost property of a personal nature must be reported directly to your department head, who will record it in the lost and found register and assist where possible in it’s recovery and return. The company does not take responsibility for lost property 个人物品一旦遗失,请立即直接向部门负责人报告。部门负责人会将其记录在失物招领登记及帮助中心,以 便失物及时被发现和返还。但公司对个人财务遗失不负有责任。 Gifts It is the policy of the company to prohibit the acceptance of gifts, which could be construed as being unusually expensive by employees. Such gifts inevitably put the onus on the recipient to favor the donor in a business transaction (s) With the risk, that the company may not enjoy the best deal in such a transaction (s). 关于礼品 公司规定禁止接收礼品,因为这些贵重礼品会被看作是交易中的贿赂行为。

这样的交易存在风险,公司可能达不成最好的交易。 Telephones You are requested to use the company telephones for emergency purpose only, as telephones are primarily available for business communication. All personal phone calls made will be charged to the individual concerned. No cell phones whilst on duty. 有关电话 因为公司电话主要用于商业往来,只有在紧急情况下才可使用。所有私人电话产生的费用将由个人承担。

上班时间禁止使用手机。 E-mail (electronic mail) This is intended for business only personal advertisements and enquiries are forbidden. Misuse will result in user’s rights being revoked. 11 电子邮件 电子邮件是用于工作的,禁止用于个人广告和私人查询。滥用电子邮件将会导致使用权力被取消。 Company language The business language at the Hotel is Chinese and English and all business communication must be conducted in such. All notices in the hotel and office documentation to be bilingual. 工作语言 酒店工作用语为中文和英文,有关工作的所有交流都以此两种语言进行。酒店通知和办公文件都需为双语。 Termination 合同终止 Notice of resignation must be given in writing and in accordance with your agreement with the Company as stated in your Letter of Appointment. All employees leaving the employment of the company must collect a “Termination Checklist” from their department Head that must be signed off by the respective departments as listed. Your final Salary and leave pay, ect due on termination will be paid out only after the termination procedures have been finalized and the termination form has been signed off by the General Manager. Any employee whose services have been terminated as a result of resignation or disciplinary action may not return to the property for a period of 180 Days. 辞职需以书面形式提出且符合聘任书内签署的协议。



由自离或纪律处分而终止服务的员工,将被扣除 6 个月的工资。 Health and safety 健康与安全 You are required to familiarize yourself with health and safety regulations that are applicable within your place of work, including the fire and emergency drill procedure. 你必须熟知那些适用于你工作地点的健康和安全规定,包括消防和应急演习的流程。 Every employee at work shall: 12 Take reasonable care for the health and safety of himself and of other persons who may be effected by his acts or omissions. 每一位员工在工作中应当:

合理照顾自身和他人的健康和安全,因为他人可能因为你的行为或疏忽而受到影响。 Carry out any lawful order given to him, and obey the health and safety rules and procedures laid down by his employer or by anyone authorized, thereof by his employer, in the interest of health and safety. 执行下达的合法命令,遵循由雇主或任何经授权者制定的健康与安全规则和流程。其雇主是为了健康和安全 考虑。 If any situation which is unsafe or unhealthy comes to his attention, as soon as practical report such situation to his employer,. 如果注意到任何不安全或不健康的情况,请尽快将情况告知给负责人。

If he is involved in any incident which may affect his health or which has caused an injury to himself, report such incident to his employers or to anyone authorized thereto by the employer, or to his health and safety representative, as soon as practical but not later than the end of the particular shift during which the incident occurred, unless the circumstances were such that the reporting of the incident was not possible, in which case he shall report the incident as soon as practical thereafter. 如果本人陷入到会影响自身健康的事件,或者此事件已经给本人造成伤害,请尽快告知负责人或者由负责人 授权的人,或告知给本人的健康与安全代理人。请不要迟于事件发生时间内的特殊节点报告,除非出现当时 无法报备的情况,在此情况下也需要在事情发生之后立即报告。 Company rules and regulations relating to safety and statutory requirements 公司有关安全及法定要求的规章制度 It shall be the duty and responsibility of all employees to be familiar with all relevant statutory Acts and regulations and to observe the applicable requirements / provisions at all times. Copies of the relevant Acts and regulations will be made available on request for perusal by individuals, at times convenient to the Company. 熟悉相关的法令法规,时刻留意一些适用条款是每位员工的职责和责任。为了便于每位员工熟悉相关的法令 法规,将会给大家发放其复印件,有时这样也会方便于公司。 Emergency and Safety Procedures – Familiarization, Compliance and Participation: (Mandatory) 13 The company has established rules, procedures and practices covering emergency and safety situations and certain of these are mandatory offences while others are non- mandatory. It is the responsibility of all employees to familiarize themselves with and comply with the emergency and safety procedures and practices of the Company relating to the operation, first aid, fire and safety evacuation. 应急及安全程序---熟悉、服从和参与:(强制性) 公司已建立有关应急及安全状况的规则、程序和操作方法,其中有些是强制性的。所有员工都有责任去熟悉 和遵守公司对于有关操作、急救、消防和安全疏散的应急和安全程序以及实践操作。 All employees shall participate and make themselves available if called upon, to undergo training or to become a member of an emergency team. 所有员工都应该积极参与且在被需要的时候主动接受相关培训,成为应急小组的一员。 Failure to report Emergencies, Accidents, ect: ( Mandatory ) . Any employee who fails to report an emergency, accident, injury or fire shall be subjected to disciplinary action. Furthermore, it is incumbent on employees to render whatever assistance they can to any injured or ill persons. 未报告紧急情况、事故等:(强制性) 任何未能报告紧急情况,事故,受伤或火灾的员工都应当受到纪律处分。此外,员工有义务及时地对任何受伤或 生病的人提供一切协助。 Smoking 关于吸烟 No smoking is allowed in view of guests. This includes outside or inside the hotel. All cigarette buts, to be placed in the ash trays. The will be a Yuan 10 spot fine, for offenders throwing buts over the wall and Yuan 20, for throwing them on the road/path/parking around hotel. 不论在酒店内或酒店外, 禁止在客人面前吸烟。


如果有违反者将烟蒂扔出墙外, 当场处以 10 元罚款;将烟蒂扔在酒店周围的马路、小道或停车场,当场处以 20 元罚款。 Change of address and personal details 地址及个人信息变动 The company is required by Legislation to record the address and personal particulars of every employee. It is therefore essential that the Company be notified of any change of address and change in personal particulars such as the numbers of dependents or marital status. It shall be the responsibility of all employees to notify the department head in writing within three (3) working days of any change in personal particulars. 14 公司依法要求记录每位员工的地址及详细的个人资料。因此,如有相关信息的变动,如家属数量的变化或者 婚姻状况的变化, 需及时告知公司。

在个人资料发生变化的情况下, 需在 3 个工作日内书面告知部门负责人, 这是每位员工的责任。 Security searches 安全搜查 You may from time to time be exposed to searches of packages or articles in your possession or locker and any vehicle in which you may enter or depart from the premises. The searches will, however be carried out in an acceptable and decent manner. You will further be subject to breathalyzer tests at any given time as well as lie detectors tests. 可能您需要时不时的接受包裹检查、所有物检查、储物柜内物件检查以及进出入办公场所的车辆检查。这些 检查将会以一种容易接受且得体的方式进行。您甚至随时需要接受酒精测试和测谎仪测试。 Penalty guidelines (Attached) 处罚准则(附上) The Penalty Guideline makes the employee aware of the consequences should he / she transgress Company Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures, fail to comply with Standard Operating Procedures, Legislation, and Health and Safety Regulations. 当员工违反公司相关规章制度、政策和流程,不遵守标准操作规程、法规及健康安全条例时,员工需依照处 罚准则承担相应的后果。 As an aid to management and employees this guideline is intended to assist with the decision making process associated with the discipline. It is stressed, however, that this is a guideline and not a tool to prescribe the decision to be taken as the facts of the case must determine the decision taken. 作为对管理和员工有利的事物,这些准则意在帮助做出处罚决定。这虽然让人觉得有压力,但这只是一项准 则而不是工具,不能规定决定就是事实,也不能决定该做出怎样的决定。 Emergencies and evacuation 紧急情况及疏散 Fire Emergency 火灾 15 If you notice smoke or fire, remember to do the following: ? ? ? ? ? Telephone reception department on extension 9 immediately describe location and extent of fire – identify yourself. Break the glass of the nearest fire alarm point to activate the alarm system ( where applicable ) Using a fire hose or extinguisher, attempt to extinguish the fire, without seriously endangering yourself or others. Know the different fire extinguishers and their uses. 当发现烟雾或火灾时,请做到以下几点:

? ? ? ? ? 请立即拨打前台电话,前台分机号为 9。




能够辨识不同的灭火器及其使用情况。 TYPE OF EXTINGUISHER TYPE OF FIRE Water Hose Reel Wood,Paper,Fabric Never use on electrical or Fat / oil fires Foam Oil,spirits,fats wood,paper,fabric. Never use on electrica C02 Also on fat, oil, spirits or gas. Carbon Dioxide Dry Powder Fire Blanket All Fires. Use on electrical fires. People and cooking fat 灭火器类别 水 消防水管 火种类别 适用于木头、纸、布引发的火灾 绝不能用在由电器或油引起的火上 16 泡沫灭火器 适用于油、酒、油脂;木头、纸、布引发的火 灾;绝不能用于由电气设备引发的火灾 C02(推车式灭火器) 二氧化碳灭火器 干冰灭火器 消防毯 ? ? 适用于油脂、油、烈酒、煤气引发的火灾 适用于电气设备引发的火灾 所有火种 适用于人和食用油上的火 If someone is with you, send them to raise the alarm If the fire is to big to control, switch off power supply, close doors and evacuate to the assembly point or other safe area. When in guest areas, guide visitors and guests to the assembly/safe areas. (Pool area at Fragrance River Hotel) ? ? 如果有人与你同行,请让他们去发出警报。

如果火势大到无法控制,请切断电源,关上门,疏散到安全点或其他安全区域。当在宾客区时,请 引导宾客到达安全区。(香溪源酒店的安全区位于游泳池) Fire Evacuation. 消防疏散 If you hear the emergency siren or are instructed to evacuate the building immediately remember the following: 当您听到报警器响铃或者是您被要求即刻疏散,请谨记以下几点:

ALL PERSONNEL 所有人员 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 17 Evacuate immediately, using the nearest fire exit. Look after the safety of visitors and those in need of help – guide them to safety. Close doors behind you. Do not run – walk quickly. Stay calm – others depend on you. Adhere to your security/safety warden’s instructions. Make your way to the pool area gather round your Manager and wait for Roll Call and further instructions. 使用位置最近的消防门,立即疏散。



请勿奔跑,快速行走。 ? ? ? 请保持镇定,因为其他人都依靠着你。


请设法到达泳池,聚在管理人员周围,等待点名和下一步的指示。 What to do in a smoke filled passage or area. 在被烟雾包围的通道或地区该做的事情。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Put wet towel around your mouth and nose. Crawl on hands and knees. Use staircase. If in room – close gaps with wet linen/towels. 请用湿毛巾捂住口鼻。



在房间内,请用湿床单或湿毛巾堵住各个缝隙。 Daily Fire Prevention. 日常火灾预防 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 18 Be alert to the following potential hazards and act immediately as you could be saving a life: Do not obstruct or block corridors. Always keep fire doors close. Keep your work area tidy. Empty ashtrays into metal containers. Do not tamper with fire equipment. Unplug electrical appliances after use. Do not overload plugs. Report any faulty plugs. Report any faulty plugs, wiring and equipment for immediate repairs/removal. 警惕以下消防隐患且立即处理,避免发生人员伤亡:





请勿玩弄消防设备。 ? ? ? ? 使用完电气设备后,请及时拔除插头。



对有问题的插座、电线和设备,请及时报修或更换。 Emergency drill 应急演习 Please acquaint yourself immediately with the position of the fire exits in your work area. 请立即熟悉工作区域内安全出口的位置。 Fire training and emergency procedures will be covered during your induction. Ensure, during this training, that you know what you will have to do if an emergency occurs in your department or work area. 在入职期间,会进行相应的消防训练和急救处理培训。在训练过程中,当您所在的部门或工作区域发生紧急 情况时,请确保您知道该怎么处理。 Acknowledgement of receipt of company handbook 《员工手册》确认书 I, acknowledge having received a copy of the Company Handbook. 我确认已经收到公司《员工手册》的副本。 I, agree to abide by the rules, policies and procedures and to ask questions should I not understand any part of these rules. 我愿意遵守手册内的相关规定、政策及流程,在有任何不明白的情况进行询问。 I, understand that should I not comply with the rules and regulations as set out in the house rules, disciplinary action may be taken against me. 我清楚如果我没有遵守公司内部的相关规章制度,我将会受到相应的处罚。 EMPLOYEE:员工姓名 _________________________________________________ SIGNATURE:员工签字 _________________________________________________ 19 DATE:日期 ____________________________________________ DEPARTMENT:部门 ________________________________________________ POSITION:职位 ________________________________________________ 20

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