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礼仪致辞句型汇总 开心小歌 一. 称呼 女士们,先生们 Ladies and Gentlemen 朋友们/各位朋友 Dear friends 各位嘉宾 Distinguished guests尊敬的来宾 Honored Guests各位同事 Dear...

礼仪致辞句型汇总 一. 称呼 女士们,先生们 Ladies and Gentlemen 朋友们/各位朋友 Dear friends 各位嘉宾 Distinguished guests 尊敬的来宾 Honored Guests 各位同事 Dear colleagues 同志们 Comrades 青年朋友们 Young friends (中国)同胞们 Fellow countrymen (美国)同胞们 My fellow citizens (港澳台和海外华人)同胞们 Dear Compatriots 老师们、同学们、朋友们 Dear faculty and staff members, students and friends 同学们,老师们 Dear Students and Faculty Members 各位老师,家长,毕业生们 Members of the faculty, parents, and especially, the graduates Members of the faculty, proud parents, and, above all, graduates 各位企业家朋友 Members of the business community 亲爱的运动员们 Dear athletes 尊敬的各位国家元首、政府首脑和王室代表 Distinguished Heads of State and Government and Representatives of Royal Families 尊敬的各位使节、代表和夫人 Your Excellencies Diplomatic Envoys, Representatives of International Organizations and Your Spouses 各位使节及使团同事 Excellencies and Colleagues of the Diplomatic Corps 各位团长 Heads of Delegations 各位议员朋友 My Lords and MPs 中央政府驻港机构各位领导 Heads of local offices of the Central Government 尊敬的胡锦涛主席和夫人 Your Excellency President Hu Jintao and Madame Liu Yongqing 尊敬的布什总统和夫人 Mr. President and Mrs. Bush 尊敬的罗格主席和夫人 Respected IOC President Rogge and Mrs Rogge 尊敬的克雷文主席和夫人 Respected President Philip Craven and Mrs Craven 尊敬的各位国际奥委会委员 Distinguished Members of the International Olympic Committee 主席先生/总统先生 Mr. President 总理先生 Mr. Premier / Prime Minister 总统女士 Madame President 尊敬的阿罗约总统阁下 Your Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo 国王和王后陛下 Your Majesties 各位殿下 Your Royal Highnesses 尊敬的桑德罗·邦迪部长 Respected Minister Sen. Sandro Bondi 尊敬的戴秉国国务委员 Your Excellency State Councilor Dai Bingguo 尊敬的李省长 Honorable Governor Li 尊敬的杨市长 Honorable Mayor Yang 团中央第一书记陆昊先生 First Secretary Mr. Lu Hao 1 高教授及夫人 Professor and Mrs Kao 尊敬的内格罗蓬特常务副国务卿 Honorable Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte 尊敬的亨特勋爵 Lord Hunt 尊敬的白乐威爵士 Sir David Brewer 尊敬的阿姆鲁·穆萨秘书长 Your Excellency Secretary General Amr Moussa (香港)政务司司长 The Honourable Chief Secretary for Administration 尊敬的(国家林业局保护司)贾建生副司长 Deputy Director General Jia Jiansheng 尊敬的刘立军处长 Division Director Liu Lijun 尊敬的耶鲁大学校长理查德·莱文先生 Dear Mr. Richard Levin, President of Yale University, 尊敬的(剑桥大学)理查德校长 Vice Chancellor Alison Richard 二. 高兴出席活动 1. 自我介绍 大家好!我是白小琳,美国驻武汉总领事,也是今天晚上美国国庆招待会的主持人。

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen! I am Wendy Lyle, the U.S. Consul General in Wuhan and the moderator of tonight’s reception. 2. 问候朋友 今天很高兴和你们在这里。

It is a great pleasure to join you all this morning. 很高兴再次见到各位新老朋友。

It is a real pleasure to meet friends, both old and new, here. 新老朋友济济一堂,我感到很愉快。

It is delightful to be among friends, both old and new. 看到有这么多朋友在座,令我万分高兴。

It is a great pleasure to see so many friends in the audience. 3. 来到大学 来到向往已久的剑桥大学,非常高兴。

It gives me great pleasure to come to Cambridge, a world-renowned university that I have long wanted to visit. 今天来暨南大学和大家见面,我感到很荣幸。

It is an honor to be with you at Jinan University. 我荣幸地来到永恒的开罗古城,荣幸地受到两所著名学府的邀请。

I am honored to be in the timeless city of Cairo, and to be hosted by two remarkable institutions. 今天,我很荣幸前来参加世界上最好的学校之一的毕业典礼。

I am honored to be with you today for your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. 非常高兴今天能够对你们讲话并提前一点庆祝清华大学成立 100 周年。

It is a great pleasure to be able to speak to you today and celebrate – a little in advance – Tsinghua’s 100th anniversary. 我非常高兴今天站在这个讲台上与你们面对面的交流。

It is my great pleasure today to stand on your rostrum and have this face-to-face exchange with you. 我很高兴今天能再次来到中国,并在这个伟大的学校与你们见面。

It is a pleasure to be back in China and to join you here today at this great university. 我很高兴能在“东西方中心”进入 50 周年之际来到这里,来到这所坐落在这个最不一般的地方的美丽校 园。

I’m delighted to be here at the East-West Center in a new year that marks your 50th anniversary on this beautiful campus in this most extraordinary place. 我很高兴能再次来到北京参加第七届亚欧首脑会议,并且得到在贵院这一培养中国未来领导人的重要学 2 府做演讲的机会。

I am delighted to be back in Beijing for the 7th ASEM Summit and to be given this opportunity to address this important school that nurtures your nation’s leaders of tomorrow. 4. 友好访问 总统先生,我很高兴在这春光明媚的美好时节应您的盛情邀请访问贵国。

I'm glad to visit the United States in the lovely season of spring, at your invitation, Mr. President. 我感到很荣幸能够有机会到上海跟你们交谈。

It is a great honor for me to be here in Shanghai, and to have this opportunity to speak with all of you. 非常高兴在金秋时节访问贵国,来到美国著名的智库战略与国际问题研究中心与朋友们见面。

It is my great pleasure to meet you, my friends, here at this prestigious think tank today during my visit to your country in this golden season of fall. 很高兴在美丽的日内瓦与各位相聚一堂。

It is a distinct pleasure to meet you in the beautiful city of Geneva. 今天,我很高兴来到开罗阿拉伯国家联盟总部,同各位使节和埃及各界朋友们交流。

I am delighted today to have the opportunity to meet you, diplomatic envoys and Egyptian friends from various sectors, here at the headquarters of the League of Arab States. 5. 参加会议 非常高兴能够访问美丽的意大利,并在这里举办“中国西藏发展论坛” 。

I am very pleased to be able to pay a visit to this beautiful country and hold the ―China Tibetan Development Forum‖. 十分荣幸能在美中两国之间的战略与经济对话首次会议开幕式上致辞。

It is a privilege to open this inaugural meeting of the Strategic and Economic Dialogue between the United States and China. 很高兴今天能在此就“全球化”这一主题来和大家谈谈我的想法。

Today I’m very happy to be here to share with you some of my thoughts on the topic of Globalization. 今晚,我应邀在诸位面前讲话,确实是一种荣幸。

It is indeed an honour to have been invited to speak before the group assembled this evening. 今天,我很荣幸站在这里与大家作个交流,向各位介绍一下中国军队的情况。

Standing here today I feel very pleased to share thoughts with you with an introduction on Chinese military. 很高兴应英语联盟之邀做丘吉尔讲座,索姆斯女男爵(丘吉尔之女)的光临令我深感荣幸。

It is a great honor for me to be invited to speak at the Churchill Lecture. And it is a special honor to have Lady Soames with us in the audience. 6. 参加活动 今天,我们很高兴在这里欢聚一堂,庆祝中华人民共和国成立六十周年。

It is a great pleasure to join you all today to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. 非常荣幸今天能与诸位聚在一起,共同庆祝美国的第二百三十二个独立日。

It is a great honor to be surrounded by so many of you today as we gather here to celebrate America’s 232nd Independence Day. 很高兴出席迎接熊猫泰山和美兰回归中国的活动。

I am delighted to be present to celebrate the arrival of pandas Tai Shan and Mei Lan to China. 3 我很高兴能再次来到这里参加新美国安全中心的这次活动。

It’s a great pleasure to be back and to be here at this CNAS event. 7. 出席宴会 我很高兴出席今天的晚宴。

It gives me a great pleasure to attend tonight's dinner. 很高兴出席今晚的招待会。

It is my great pleasure to join you at the reception. 今天,很高兴在北京和 KEA 中国的会员以及嘉宾共进早餐。

I am delighted to join KEA China and your guests here in Beijing this morning. 很高兴应邀出席今天的早餐会,与欧洲议会人民党党团的朋友们就中欧关系交流看法。

I am very pleased to be invited to this breakfast meeting and exchange views on China-EU relations with friends of the bureau of the People's Party at the European Parliament. 三. 感谢 1. 感谢邀请 感谢邀请我发表演讲。

Thank you for inviting me to speak here. 感谢你们,让我有机会同你们一起分享这个美妙的日子。

Thank you for letting me share this wonderful day with you. 我对你们以及埃及人民的盛情邀请表示感谢。

I'm grateful for your hospitality, and the hospitality of the people of Egypt. 我一开始要非常感谢哈佛萨默斯校长的邀请。

I would like to begin by sincerely thanking President Summers for his kind invitation. 谢谢你们给予我们参加这次毕业典礼的殊荣。

Thank you for giving us this singular privilege of being part of this commencement ceremony. 首先,我感谢莱文校长的邀请,使我有机会来到世界著名学府耶鲁大学,同青年朋友和老师们相聚在一 起。

Let me begin by thanking you, Mr. Levin, for your kind invitation and the opportunity to come to Yale to meet young friends and teachers of this world-renowned university. 2. 感谢光临 感谢大家前来参加我们的活动。

Thank you all for joining us this morning. 再次感谢各位的光临! Again, I thank you for coming tonight! 感谢大家今晚拨冗莅临。

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to be here this evening. 3. 感谢介绍 韩市长,谢谢您做介绍时的友好言辞。

Mayor Han, I appreciate the kind words of introduction. 顾校长,感谢你充满溢美之词的介绍。

Thank you, President Gu, for that most flattering introduction. 查尔斯,感谢你的热情介绍。

Thank you, Charles, for that kind introduction. 斯托克,谢谢你客气的介绍。

Thank you, Stock, for your kind words of introduction. 胡主席,非常感谢您的欢迎致辞。President Hu, thank you very much for your kind and generous remarks. 我要感谢贸易部长发表的这番欢迎之词,还要告诉你们今天能在这里与你们相聚一堂让我感到十分荣幸。

Let me thank the trade minister for those welcoming words, and tell you what a privilege it is for me to join you here today. 4 4. 感谢款待 我和夫人为有这次机会再次来到中国访问感到荣幸,感谢贵国对我们的欢迎,特别感谢复旦大学的热情 接待。

My wife and I are privileged to have the opportunity once again to travel in China. We are grateful for the welcome we have received, especially for the kind of reception here at Fudan University. 首先感谢英中贸协为我举行盛大的欢迎宴会,我深感荣幸。

May I start by thanking China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) for hosting today's lunch. 首先,我谨代表我的夫人和同事们,并以我个人的名义,对布什总统和夫人给予我们的周到安排和盛情 款待表示衷心的感谢! First of all, I wish to express on behalf of my wife and my colleagues and in my own way, my sincere thanks to you, Mr. President, and Mrs. Bush for your thoughtful arrangements and gracious hospitality. 再次感谢你们邀请我今晚讲话,并感谢你们在上海的盛情款待。

Thank you again for the invitation to speak this evening, and for your warm hospitality here in Shanghai. 我要感谢复旦大学的杨校长,感谢他的款待和热情的欢迎。

I'd like to thank Fudan University's President Yang for his hospitality and his gracious welcome. 首先非常感谢意中基金会的热情接待。

First, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the entertainment by the Italian-Sino Foundation. 我还要感谢基奎特总统和坦桑尼亚政府为我这次访问所作的精心安排和热情款待。

I also wish to thank President Kikwete and the Tanzanian Government for the thoughtful arrangements and warm hospitality. 5. 感谢工作 特别要感谢上海加拿大商会和加中贸易理事会共同主办今晚的活动。

A special thanks to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and the Canada-China Business Council for co-hosting this evening’s event. 在此,我谨代表中华人民共和国教育部和孔子学院总部,向你们表示诚挚的感谢! On behalf of the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China and the Confucius Institute Headquarters, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you! 我愿借此机会,向你们表示崇高的敬意和衷心的感谢。

Let me take this opportunity to pay tribute and express sincere thanks to you for your efforts. 谢谢你们加拿大人民,谢谢你们的盛情款待,谢谢你们的热情和独一无二的奥运盛会。

Thank you to the people of Canada, for your generous hospitality, your warmth, and this unique and joyous celebration of Olympism. 在这里,我谨向你们并通过你们,向所有为北京奥运会作出贡献的人们,表示诚挚的谢意! I would like to express heartfelt thanks to you and, through you, to all those who have contributed to the Beijing Olympic Games. 在北京奥运会即将落下帷幕的时刻,我谨代表北京奥组委向国际奥委会、向各国际单项体育组织、各国 家和地区奥委会,向所有为本届奥运会做出贡献的朋友们表示衷心的感谢! At the moment the curtain is about to fall on the Beijing Olympic Games, please allow me, on behalf of BOCOG, to express my sincere gratitude to the IOC, IFs, NOCs, and all friends who have contributed to the success of this Olympic Games. 我同时衷心感谢筹委会、各主办单位及幕后工作人员的悉心筹备和安排,让运动会可以顺利展开。

I also thank the Planning Committee, organisers, volunteers and those working hard behind the scenes for their excellent preparations and arrangements for the Games. 在此,我谨代表中国国务院新闻办公室对各位来宾表示热烈的欢迎,对意大利政府的大力支持,对意中 5 基金会为本次论坛所作出的努力和付出的辛劳,表示诚挚的谢意! Here on behalf of the Information Office of the State Council of China, I warmly welcome all guests present and give my sincere thanks to the Italian Government for its support and to the Italy-China Foundation for the effort and hard work it has done for this Forum. 我非常感谢肯尼亚人民与政府主办本届《非洲增长与机会法》论坛,特别要感谢肯尼亚总统、总理和肯 尼亚政府的全体官员。

I am very grateful to the people and Government of Kenya for hosting this AGOA Forum, and particularly to the president, the prime minister, and the entire Kenyan Government. 借此机会,我对国际社会为中国抗击汶川大地震提供的真诚支持和宝贵帮助,表示衷心的感谢! I also wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the international community for the warm support and valuable assistance given to China in our rescue and relief efforts after the devastating Wenchuan earthquake. 6. 感谢荣誉 首先,我想对日内瓦外交与国际关系学院授予我名誉博士学位表示诚挚的感谢。

Let me begin by expressing sincere thanks to the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations (GSD) for awarding me this honorary doctorate. 四. 欢迎 1. 访问 我代表教职员工以及商学院的学生一起欢迎你们来到我们的校园。

On behalf of the faculty and the staff and the students of the Harvard Business School I welcome all of you to our campus. 非常高兴今晚能在这里和你们一起欢迎吴委员长访问华盛顿。

It is a real pleasure to join you this evening in welcoming Chairman Wu here to Washington. 我要对陆昊书记和您率领的中国青年代表团访问英国表示热烈欢迎。

I would like to extend my warm welcome to Mr Lu Hao and members of the Chinese youth delegation. 我们十分荣幸,在中华人民共和国澳门特别行政区成立十周年前夕,国家领导人胡锦涛主席再次亲临澳 门,并出席今晚的盛会。

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, I am honored to welcome again our leader President Hu Jintao to Macao and join us here tonight. 首先,请让我代表澳门特别行政区政府和全体澳门市民,向胡锦涛主席和夫人,以及中央政府代表团各 位领导,致以热烈的欢迎和崇高的敬意。

First of all, on behalf of the Government and the citizens of the Macao Special Administrative Region, I would like to extend our warmest welcome and highest respect to President Hu and Madame Liu, as well as all leaders from the Central Government’s delegation. 首先,热烈欢迎各位议员朋友今晚到中国大使馆做客。

Let me begin by warmly welcoming all of you to the Chinese Embassy. 我谨代表美国驻武汉领馆,竭诚欢迎大家! On behalf of the U.S. Consulate General in Wuhan, I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all of you. 我对各位的到来表示热烈的欢迎!I offer all of you my warmest welcome! 2. 活动 大家晚上好,欢迎各位莅临今晚盛会。

Good evening and a big welcome to this special and festive gathering. 6 首先,我谨代表中国政府对各位来宾表示诚挚的欢迎! On behalf of the Chinese government, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests. 同时,也请让我向在座各位嘉宾和朋友的光临,表示热烈的欢迎和衷心的感谢。

At the same time, let me extend our cordial greetings and heartfelt gratitude to all guests and friends present. 我感到非常荣幸,欢迎你们今天出席这个历史性的场合。

It's a great pleasure and a privilege to welcome you here today to this historic occasion. 欢迎各位出席“上海世博会图片展”开幕式活动。

Welcome to the opening ceremony of the photo exhibition "Expo 2010 Shanghai, China". 首先,我代表香港特区政府欢迎各位嘉宾和传媒朋友出席今天的仪式。

On behalf of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, may I, first of all, extend my warmest welcome to our guests and friends of the media for attending today’s ceremony. 首先,谨代表民航处热烈欢迎各位拨冗出席民航处新总部奠基典礼。

On behalf of the Civil Aviation Department (CAD), may I extend a very warm welcome to all of you for attending the New CAD Headquarters Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony. 能够在此欢迎你们前来参加美中战略与经济对话首次会议, 我深感荣幸。

It is a great honor to welcome you to the first meeting of the Strategic Economic Dialogue between the United States and China. 欢迎各位朋友光临今天的“西藏——发展的前景,合作的机遇”论坛开幕式。Welcome to today's opening ceremony for the forum of "Tibet—Developmental Prospect &

Co-operational Opportunities". 承蒙政务司司长唐英年先生今天莅临主持奠基仪式,深感荣幸。

We are most delighted to have the Honourable Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Henry Tang, to officiate. 很荣幸邀请到高教授和他的夫人出席今天的活动。

It is a great honour to have Professor and Mrs Kao with us today. 我谨代表中国政府和人民对各位嘉宾莅临北京奥运会,表示热烈的欢迎! On behalf of the Chinese Government and people, I wish to extend a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests who have come to Beijing for the Games. 在北京 2008 年残奥会隆重开幕之际,我谨代表北京奥组委,向来自世界各国家、地区的运动员、教练员 和各位来宾表示热烈的欢迎! On the occasion of the grand opening of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, please allow me, on behalf of BOCOG, to extend my warmest welcome to athletes, coaches and guests from all countries and regions around the globe. 得到刘国务委员及国际奥林匹克委员会主席罗格伯爵专程来港为运动会主持开幕式,实在是我们的荣幸。

It is an honour to have State Councillor, Madam Liu Yandong and the Honourable Count Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee, with us tonight to officiate at the opening ceremony of the Fifth East Asian Games. 第五届东亚运即将圆满结束,我谨代表香港特别行政区政府热烈欢迎各位出席今晚的闭幕式。

Tonight, the Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games are coming to a successful conclusion. On behalf of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, I extend a very warm welcome to you for joining tonight’s ceremony. 3. 招待会 今天晚上非常荣幸请到大家在武汉和我相聚一堂共同欢庆第一届美国交流联谊会。

It is truly an honor to have you here with me to celebrate the first State Alumni reception in Wuhan. 首先,我代表国务院新闻办公室向出席招待会的驻华使节、新闻官员、中外传媒界及其他各方面的朋友 们表示热烈的欢迎! 7 First of all, on behalf of the State Council Information Office, I wish to extend warm welcome to foreign diplomats, press officials and friends from Chinese and foreign media circles. 欢迎大家出席中国驻欧盟使团举办的新年音乐会。

Welcome to the New Year’s Concert. 欢迎各位出席民政事务局庚寅年新春酒会。

Welcome to the spring reception of the Home Affairs Bureau. 欢迎大家参加庆祝中华人民共和国成立 60 周年招待会。

Welcome to this reception in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of founding of the People's Republic of China. 首先,热烈欢迎并感谢各位出席中华人民共和国建国 60 周年国庆招待会。

Welcome to our national day celebration. First of all, I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to you for your presence. 我们很高兴总统阁下您能出席本次中国新年庆祝活动,您的莅临令我们不胜荣幸。

How much honored we are that Your Excellency is gracing us with your presence at this very festive event to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 值此中华人民共和国成立 60 周年之际,我们热烈欢迎各位嘉宾的光临,感谢大家与我们一道为中华人民 共和国的生日祝福。

I would like to thank all of you for joining us in this celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. 五. 祝贺 祝贺高教授获得诺贝尔物理学奖。

Congratulations to Professor Kao on your Nobel Prize in Physics. 首先请允许我就奥运会的成功举办向在座的各位表示祝贺。

Let me begin by commending you all for the successful Olympic Games. 首先,请允许我代表中国国家体育总局和中国奥委会对第 24 届亚奥理事会代表大会的召开表示衷心的祝 贺! First of all, please allow me, on behalf of the General Administration of Sport of the P. R. C. and the Chinese Olympic Committee, to extend my hearty congratulations on the opening of the 24th General Assembly of the OCA. 非常高兴祝贺中华人民共和国六十周年国庆。

It is a great pleasure for me to congratulate the Peoples Republic of China on its 60 years anniversary. 值此 10 月 1 日中华人民共和国成立 60 周年之际,我谨向中华人民共和国表示热诚的祝愿和庆贺。

I would like to extend warm wishes and congratulations to the People’s Republic of China on the 60th anniversary of its founding on October 1. 首先我要向北京大学表示祝贺,今年是北大成立 110 周年校庆。

I begin by congratulating Peking University which this year celebrates its 110th anniversary. 今年是剑桥建校 800 周年,我谨致以热烈祝贺! This year marks the 800th anniversary of the university. Please accept my warm congratulations. 祝贺各位,一切平安。

Congratulations, and Godspeed. (毕业典礼结束语) 六. 祝愿 1. 活动 我祝愿此次图片展圆满成功。

I wish this photo exhibition a success! 预祝本次展览圆满成功。

I wish the exhibition a very big success. 我谨此祝愿第五届东亚运动会圆满成功。

I wish the Fifth East Asian Games every success. 8 祝首轮中美战略与经济对话圆满成功。

I wish the first round of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogues a crowning success. 祝第二届西藏发展论坛圆满成功! I wish the Second Forum on the Development of Tibet a great success! 最后预祝论坛和画展取得圆满成功。

At last, I wish a great success to this forum and this art exhibition. 衷心祝愿本届中国西部国际博览会和论坛取得圆满成功! I sincerely wish this Forum and the Western China International Economy and Trade Fair a great success! 在首轮中美战略与经济对话开幕之际,我谨代表中国政府并以我个人名义致以热烈的祝贺和良好的祝愿。

On the occasion of the opening of the first round of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogues (S&ED), I wish to extend, on behalf of the Chinese Government and in my own name, warm congratulations and best wishes. 2. 访问 祝愿中国青年代表团访英取得成功! I wish the Chinese youth delegation a successful visit. 最后,祝青年朋友们在华期间生活愉快、身体健康。谢谢大家。

To conclude, I wish you all a pleasant stay in China and great health. 首先,我代表中央政府和全国各族人民,向在座各位,并通过你们向全体澳门市民,致以诚挚的问候和 良好的祝愿! Let me begin by extending, on behalf of the Central Government and the people of all ethnic groups in China, warm greetings and best wishes to all of you here and through you, to all the citizens of Macao. 3. 友谊 祝愿我们的友谊长存。

May I wish our friendship last forever. 祝中美两国关系和两国人民友谊取得更大发展。

May the relations between our two countries and the friendship between our two peoples grow even stronger. 我谨向伟大的美国人民转达 13 亿中国人民的诚挚问候和良好祝愿! I wish to convey to the great American people the warm greetings and best wishes of the 1.3 billion Chinese people. 我也自豪地带来美国人民的友好情谊,带来我国穆斯林民众的平安问候。

I'm also proud to carry with me the goodwill of the American people, and a greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country. 首先,我谨向在座的朋友们,向兄弟的坦桑尼亚人民,转达 13 亿中国人民的诚挚问候和良好祝愿! Let me begin by conveying to our friends present here and to the brotherly Tanzanian people the warm greetings and best wishes of the 1.3 billion Chinese people. 我们此行带来了布什总统和美国人民的良好祝愿。

We bring you good wishes from President George W. Bush and the people of the United States. 在这里,我谨代表中国政府和人民向你们,并通过你们,向所有关心和支持中美关系发展的美国各界人 士表示诚挚的问候和良好的祝愿! On behalf of the Chinese government and the people, I wish to hereby extend our warm greetings and best wishes to you and through you to all the Americans who care about and support the growth of China-U.S. relations. 首先,请允许我代表中国政府和人民,向阿拉伯国家和人民,致以崇高的敬意和美好的祝愿! On behalf of the Chinese government and people, I would like to pay high tribute and offer best wishes to all the Arab countries and people. 最后,请允许我代表我的国家,向中华人民共和国以及勤劳向上的中国人民献上美好祝福。 9 In conclusion, let me extend all my best wishes for the People’s Republic of China and for its ambitious and hard working people. 4. 节日祝福 我先给大家拜个早/晚年。

May I extend my New Year greetings to all of you. 请允许我向你们表示热烈的欢迎并致以新年的问候。

Allow me to extend my warm welcome and new year greetings to all of you. 值此虎年新春佳节,我先祝大家新年进步,身体康健。

In this festive season, let me start by wishing you all good progress and good health in the Year of the Tiger. 祝大家身体健康,工作愉快,阖家欢乐,万事如意! I wish you good health, successful career, happy family reunion and good luck in everything! 首先,让我借此机会在新年来临之际恭祝你们新年快乐。

First of all, let me take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in the year to come. 我也祝愿新的一年各位也能取得更大进步,身体健康,万事如意——虎年快乐! I wish that this year will bring everybody more progress, more prosperity and continuous good health - Happy Year of the Tiger. 祝愿所有欢度农历新年的人们在新的一年里平安幸福,事业兴旺,身体健康。

To all those celebrating the Lunar New Year, may you be blessed with peace, prosperity and good health – now and in the year ahead. 在即将迈入象征着好运和力量的虎年之时,我祝大家虎年春节快乐。

I wanted to wish you a very happy Chinese New Year as we enter the year of the Tiger, a year traditionally associated with good fortune and power. 在这个我们与全世界华人共同欢庆佳节的时刻,请将我最真诚的祝福带给你们的家人和朋友。

As we join in the celebration of the New Year with Chinese communities all around the world, please do pass on my warm best wishes for the New Year to your family and friends. 我代表中华人民共和国外交部,并以我个人名义,向各位来宾致以最美好的节日祝福。

On behalf of the Foreign Ministry of the People's Republic of China and in my own name, I wish to extend warmest festive greetings to you all. 新年即将来临,在这里我代表国务院新闻办公室的副主任和同事们提前向各位送上新年的祝福。

The New Year is only a few days away. On behalf of vice ministers and colleagues of the State Council Information Office, I would like to extend New Year’s greetings to all of you in advance. 最后,我祝香港繁荣安定、生机处处;祝各位事事如意、阖家幸福。

Last but not least, may I wish Hong Kong prosperity, stability and success, and all of you a happy and fruitful year. 我和夫人米歇尔向亚裔美国人、太平洋地区和亚洲国家以及全世界所有庆祝农历新年的人们表示最诚挚 的祝福。

Michelle and I send our warmest wishes to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, the people of Asia, and all those around the world who are celebrating the Lunar New Year. 我祝愿大家斋月吉祥。

I wish you all a very blessed Ramadan. 我谨祝愿大家 7 月 4 日独立日愉快。

I wish you all the best for a happy Fourth of July. 七. 祝酒词 现在我提议大家举杯,干杯! Now, I propose a toast for the New Year. Cheers! 现在我提议,为了大会的圆满成功,为了各位来宾的身体健康,干杯! 10 Now I propose a toast, to the success of the conference and the health of all the distinguished guests here, cheers! 请允许我请各位与我一起举杯,为我们两家公司的友谊与合作干杯! May I ask you to join me in a toast, to the friendship and cooperation between our two companies, cheers! 让我们共同举杯,为各位嘉宾和中国的国庆,干杯! May I propose a toast to all of you and to the National Day of China! Cheers! 在此,让我们共同祝愿孔子学院在新的一年里,蓬勃发展,取得更大成功!祝愿各位朋友新年快乐、工 作顺利、家庭幸福、万事如意! I would like to propose a toast, to the prosperity and greater success of the Confucius Institutes;

to a happy and successful New Year, to a happy family and to a year of good luck! 请大家与我共同举杯—— 为中华人民共和国的繁荣富强, 为我们的友谊, 为各位的健康, 干杯! 现在我提议, 为布什总统和夫人的健康, 为在座的各位朋友的健康, 为中美两国人民的友谊, 为中美关系的美好未来, 干杯! Now, I would like to invite you to join me in a toast To the growing prosperity of China, To our friendship, To the health of every one present. Cheers! Now, please join me in a toast, To the health of the President and Mrs. Bush, To the health of all friends present here today, To the friendship between the Chinese and the American peoples, And to the bright future for China-U.S. relations. Cheers! 现在,我提议:

May I now invite all of you to join me in a toast, 为庆祝中华人民共和国成立 60 周年, To the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, 为中美两国和两国人民 To the friendship and cooperation between China and the United States, 的友谊与合作, and between Chinese and American peoples, and 为各位来宾和朋友的健康, To the health of all my friends present here tonight. 干杯! Cheers! 现在,我提议 为在座各位议员朋友的健康, 为中英议会交往合作, 为中英友好关系的不断发展, 干杯! 现在,我提议:

为中国与世界各国的互利友好 friendly 合作关系的不断发展, 为各位来宾、朋友新年快乐, 干杯! In conclusion, let me propose a toast, To the health of Lords and MPs here tonight, To the cooperation between our two legislatures, And to China-UK friendship. Cheers! I now propose a toast, To the steady progress of the mutually-beneficial cooperation and relations between China and other countries of the world, And to a happy new year for all of you present this evening. Cheers! 11 现在,我建议大家举杯:

为国家的繁荣昌盛, 为香港的繁荣稳定, 为各位朋友的健康和幸福, 干杯! 现在,我提议:

为澳门更加美好的明天, 为我们伟大祖国更加繁荣富强, 为在座各位朋友身体健康、 事业成功、家庭幸福, 干杯! 女士们、先生们, 现在,请大家举杯── 为胡锦涛主席和夫人的健康, 为各位嘉宾和朋友们的健康, 为伟大祖国的繁荣富强和 澳门的美好明天, 干杯! 现在,我提议:

为国际奥林匹克运动蓬勃发展, 为世界各国人民团结和 友谊不断加强, 为各位嘉宾和家人身体健康, 干杯! 现在,我提议:

为北京残奥会圆满成功, 为国际残疾人奥林匹克 运动不断发展, 为世界各国人民团结 和友谊不断加强, 为各位嘉宾的健康, 干杯! 八. 结束语 Now, please join me for a toast: To the thriving prosperity of our motherland, To the future success of Hong Kong, and To the health and happiness of you all. Cheers! Now, please join me in a toast, To Macao and its even brighter future, To our great motherland and its ever-growing strength and prosperity, and To the health, career success and family happiness of all friends present. Cheers! Ladies and gentlemen, I now propose a toast, To the health of President Hu and Madame Liu, To the health of all guests and friends, To the prosperity of our Motherland and the bright future of Macao. Cheers! I now propose a toast, To the strong growth of the Olympic Movement, To greater solidarity and friendship among people from all over the world, and To the health of all the distinguished guests and your families. Cheers! I now propose a toast, To the crowning success of the Beijing Paralympic Games, To the continued growth of the Paralympic Movement, To greater solidarity and friendship among people from all over the world, and To the health of all the distinguished guests present. Cheers! 谢谢大家!谢谢各位! Thank you. 谢谢大家对我的邀请! Thank you for having me here today. / Thank you for letting me come. 再次感谢总统先生对我们的热烈欢迎! Thank you once again, Mr. President, for your warm welcome. 请和我一起欢迎前国务卿亨利·基辛格上台讲话。 12 Please join me in welcoming former Secretary Henry Kissinger. 现在,我非常荣幸地向大家介绍王副总理。

And now, it is my great honor to introduce Vice Premier Wang. 现在,我非常荣幸地邀请国际奥委会主席罗格先生致辞。

Now, I have the honor of inviting Mr Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee, to speak. 现在我宣布会议开始! Now I would like to call the meeting to order. 现在我宣布,第 14 届妇女儿童权利保障论坛正式开幕! Now I declare the opening of the 14th Forum on the Protection of Children and Women’s Rights! 现在,我荣幸地邀请中华人民共和国主席先生宣布第 29 届现代奥林匹克运动会开幕。

I now have the honour of asking the President of the People's Republic of China to open the Games of the XXIX Olympiad of the modern era. 下面,我非常荣幸地邀请中华人民共和国主席胡锦涛先生宣布北京 2008 年残奥会开幕。

It now gives me great pleasure to invite the President of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Hu Jintao, to declare open the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. 现在按照传统我宣布第 21 届冬季奥利匹克运动会闭幕,同时我号召青年人四年后在俄罗斯索契共同关注 第 22 届冬奥会。

In accordance with tradition, I declare the XXI Olympic Winter Games closed, and I call upon the youth of the world to assemble four years from now in Sochi to celebrate the XXII Olympic Winter Games. 谢谢诸位,现在我准备回答你们的提问。

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to your questions. 下面欢迎大家提问/我很高兴回答大家的问题。

Now I am ready to take your questions. / Now I'd be pleased to take your questions. / I look forward now to taking some questions from all of you. 九. 其他 今天,我演讲的题目是:用发展的眼光看中国。

The title of my speech today is "See China in the Light of Her Development". 接下来,请大家欣赏中国传统民乐表演,领略中华文明的和谐之声。

Now, let us enjoy the traditional Chinese folk music, the sound of harmony of the Chinese civilization. 下面我介绍湖南女子大学的陈小舟同学为我们主持大学音乐舞蹈表演节目。

Next, I would like to introduce Ms. Chen Xiaozhou, a talented student at Hunan Women’s University to be the host for the next segment of the reception-University Musical and Dance Performances. 在我们开始今天晚上的典礼之前,我代表美国人民向汶川震灾受难的百姓致哀,并向中国人民在救灾中 勇敢博爱帮助灾民重整家园致敬。

Before we begin tonight’s reception, I would like to express my condolences on behalf of the American people to the victims of Wenchuan Earthquake and pay our respect to the Chinese people who have demonstrated such courage to help the victims recover from the tragedy and rebuild their communities. 现在,我请大家起立,与我一道默哀一分钟。

May I now ask you to rise and join me in a minute of silence. 伟大的中华人民共和国万岁! Long live the great People’s Republic of China! 华支英雄们永垂不朽! Eternal glory to the Wha Chi heroes! 13 十. 练习 Speech at the 2009 Hong Kong Awards for Industries Presentation Ceremony (Excerpt) by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, Mr Donald Tsang Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre January 18, 2010 Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, Good evening to you all. It is my great pleasure to be here with you tonight. First and foremost, congratulations to the winners of the 2009 Hong Kong Awards for Industries. Competition breeds excellence. The winners tonight set trends and are role models for others to follow. I also wish to thank all of you who have helped to organise and stage this year's Awards. Around this time last year, the global financial crisis was upon us. I recall that at the time, I expressed confidence in a strong recovery from the economic downturn. And indeed, Hong Kong has proven to be resilient in the face of adversity. Ladies and gentlemen, It only remains for us to once again congratulate this year's Award winners and to wish you all a very successful year ahead. Thank you very much. 外交部长杨洁篪在 2009 年新年招待会上的致辞(节选) 2008 年 12 月 28 日 尊敬的各位使节、代表和夫人, 尊敬的各位来宾,女士们、先生们、朋友们:

很高兴和新老朋友们同辞旧岁,共迎新年。我代表中华人民共和国外交部,并以我个人名义,向各 位来宾致以最美好的节日祝福!律回春渐,新元肇启。明年我们将迎来中华人民共和国建国 60 周年。我 们期待在新年里继续与各位使节保持良好合作,为中国人民与世界人民的友谊和进步做出更大贡献! 现在,我提议:

为人类和平发展的共同事业, 为各位来宾、朋友的健康幸福, 干杯! 14 国家副主席习近平在中美建交 30 周年纪念晚宴上的致辞(节选) 2009 年 1 月 12 日 尊敬的卡特前总统和夫人, 尊敬的基辛格博士, 女士们,先生们,朋友们:

大家晚上好! 今年是中美建交 30 周年, 今晚我们在这里举行纪念晚宴。

刚才, 卡特前总统发表了热情洋溢的讲话, 表达了美国各界有识之士对发展中美关系的热情支持和热切期望。

在这里,我谨代表中国政府和人民,并以我个人的名义,向远道而来的卡特前总统和夫人及各位美 国朋友,表示热烈欢迎!对你们长期以来为促进中美两个伟大国家友好合作关系作出的积极贡献,表示 衷心感谢!同时我也要向长期从事对美工作的中方各界人士,致以崇高敬意和诚挚问候! 值此中美关系处在新的历史起点的重要时刻,让我们双方携起手来,继续高扬友谊和合作的风帆, 推动中美两国人民友谊和中美关系的航船沿着建设性合作的方向驶向更加美好的明天。


为中美关系 30 年来取得的伟大成就, 为中美关系更加辉煌美好的未来, 为在座各位朋友的健康, 干杯! 15

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