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myhome英语作文初一,Myhome,myhome作文 六年级,英语作文myhome带翻译

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综合: myhome作文 [导读] 编辑歌曲名:my home[1]歌手: 徐浩天所属专辑:《小星星》发行时间:2012-10-19所属公司:明日明星文化 编辑my home[2... This is my home. My ...


My home




Hello.I have my own room.In my room.There is a desk,a chair,a curtain,a bed,a closet and a shelf.The computer is on the desk.The schoolbag is on the chair.The picture is on the wall.A sofa is under the picture.A mirror is over the wall.Two end tables are near the bed. Look!The trash bin is behind the door.


It' my room.I like it! 

My house is two storey building, with a courtyard, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a study, three Restroom, a living room,welcome to my home.

小学三年级作文 来源: 作文网 已经有4127人读过 评论: [在线字典] I have a beautiful home .It is big and tidy. In my home, there are two bedrooms, a living room, a study, a bathroom ...

homework in my room. I love my home very much! 请老师将评分写于评语(系统无法显示),谢谢.满分100分 (答疑网专稿未经允许不得转载!!!) 共有31526人看了这篇作文...

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myhome英语作文初一,Myhome,myhome作文 六年级,英语作文myhome带翻译